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frida is
snotty and
highly charming

She's a fairy-tale castle, a rabbit's burrow hidden deep in a forest of legend, a magic bag that dissolves into a shower of stars in your hands – we want Frida to be all of these things. As her helpers, we've learned a thing or two about magic, and you'll learn even more as her guests. You'll be amazed, transformed - you'll glow.
frida ist rotzfrech und höchst charmant
frida ist rotzfrech und höchst charmant

Hotel Frida
at the forest

Frida is not just another cozy hotel in the Puster Valley. If you come take a closer look, you’ll find Frida to be so much more – she transcends the conventional categories of hospitality. Frida is a playground and a hideaway. A place for snow-explorers, daydreamers, discoverers. A spot for transformation, magic and dragon-hunting. A home away from home for galactic travelers and dreamchasers. This house is our home, so it has changed along with us. It has witnessed our lives and our journeys – the journeys we’ve taken in the world and in our dreams. This makes Frida am Wald a kind of shifting labyrinth, a collage. The house has a well-established personality, a maturity. At the same time, Frida never stays the same for long – she changes a little bit with each new guest, the coming and going keeps her young. Come for a visit, join us far away from the tumult of the everyday. Put up your feet in the shelter of the forest and enjoy having yourself all to yourself for a while.

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The Frida family business – a hotel tradition since 1969 – benefits from the unspoilt natural environment and the breathtaking mountain landscapes of South Tyrol. The house commands a panorama view from its location on the outskirts of the village. Frida is nestled against the forest, which extends all the way to the Lutterkopf, dotted here and there with pastures and mountain inns. You will find a comfortable refuge here, especially if you’ve come for clean air, mountains, peace, serenity and simplicity. It’s also perfect for visitors who just want to count the squirrels and deer and listen to the birds. If you are intent on adventure in the Dolomites, whether you’re a skier, cyclist or mountain climber, we can provide you with a robust relaxation program as a backdrop to the thrills, including tasty meals, invigorating wellness amenities, lively evenings in front of the fireplace and a restful night’s sleep.

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You’d like to book a stay of ten nights or longer during the summer season? Super! You get a 10% discount.

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Has it been less than three months since you and your partner tied the knot? Congratulations are in order. We’ll serve you cake and prosecco on your first night. On top of that, we’ll give you a room upgrade if available!

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You want to honor us with your presence for seven nights or more during the winter season? Roger that – you’ll get a 7% discount.

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